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CBS4 Attacks Sick Veterans

Letter from Kevin Dickes' attorney, Robert Corry, to CBS4 Reporter Rick Salinger.

VIA FACSIMILE 303-830-6380 AND EMAIL rsallinger@cbs.com

January 28, 2008

Rick Sallinger, Reporter
1044 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203

Re: Kevin Dickes

Dear Mr. Sallinger:

Thank you for your interest in Kevin Dickes and our historic legal victory for medical marijuana and for the compassionate voters of Colorado. I understand that, on the day you confronted Mr. Dickes at his home uninvited with camera in tow, Mr. Dickes showed you his Veteran’s Administration card confirming that he has a “service connected” disability.

Although it takes much time and effort to uncover 15-year-old government records, we faxed you today a copy of Kevin Dickes’ DD-214 form, which is the official U.S. Department of Defense discharge document from 1992 establishing that LCpl Dickes was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps with a 10% disability and a paid disability severance. Note also that Mr. Dickes received the Good Conduct Medal, Rifle Sharpshooter Badge, Meritorious Mast, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Letter of Appreciation, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal (with 2 stars), Navy Unit Commendation, and Kuwait Liberation Medal.

We understand that, for some reason, a Rich Taylor has taken it upon himself to contact you alleging that he knows everything that happened or didn’t happen to Mr. Dickes during the time he served our country, and disputing Mr. Dickes’ claim that he is partially disabled due to injuries suffered during the liberation of Kuwait. You have not communicated Mr. Taylor’s alternate explanation for Mr. Dickes’ documented disability. We would be interested to know Mr. Taylor’s explanation, if any, of how Mr. Dickes obtained his disability. We also request to see Mr. Taylor’s DD-214 form as well to confirm that he too participated in the liberation of Kuwait. I am sure that you must already have some documentation from Mr. Taylor in your possession since you are touting as fact Mr. Taylor’s denial of Mr. Dickes’ consistent story.

My client stands by his consistent version of events. He has always maintained that his more recent snowmobile injury exacerbated the preexisting service-related injury, for which he continues to receive disability payments from the U.S. government.

We have an outstanding request to the VA for all of Mr. Dickes’ records from his service, which he never thought he would need. When we receive the rest of the files from the VA, which could take some time, we can contact you if you wish.

Of course, the real news here is that (1) an American citizen suffering from a state-documented debilitating medical condition was wrongfully charged with a felony and faced six years of prison time for cultivating Medical Marijuana as the voters intended; and (2) the Aurora Police Department violated the supreme law of our State, the Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII section 14, which requires police to maintain and not destroy Medical Marijuana while it is in their possession.

We hope that you will eventually demonstrate the same fervor you have shown in investigating what happened to Mr. Dickes 15 years ago half a world away, to investigating what happened to Mr. Dickes nine months ago right here in Colorado. Police reports (which you also have) show that “while the Search Warrant was being executed,” police knew that he was a State-registered Medical Marijuana patient, in direct contradiction to the story police are peddling, and which you -- alone amongst your colleagues in the media -- appear to be still buying despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Moreover, police cannot, and do not, deny they left six marijuana plants behind at Mr. Dickes’ home before the search was completed. The only plausible reason police officers executing a warrant would leave marijuana behind is that they knew, before the search was even completed and certainly before criminal charges were filed, that he had a Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry card, which they also provided to the defense in initial discovery. There was only one search of Mr. Dickes’ home, and it was during this search that police recovered Mr. Dickes’ registry card. They cannot reasonably deny that they knew Mr. Dickes’ status before filing charges, yet you have reported their outrageous lies as fact.

We hope that your story will reflect these facts, and that you and KCNC will take every precaution, as you have already agreed, to protect and respect Mr. Dickes, his confidentiality, and his home address. Colorado’s Medical Marijuana patients such as Mr. Dickes live in fear in the wake of Ken Gorman’s murder, which occurred days after a KCNC expose of Mr. Gorman. Please be advised that C.R.S. § 18-18-406.3(5) makes it a criminal offense for any person to release or make public any confidential information about a Medical Marijuana registry patient without that patient’s written authorization. You do not have Mr. Dickes’ written authorization to release any information about him.

We look forward to working with you on informing the public about this important case. Thanks again for your interest.


Robert J. Corry, Jr.

Attachment (1 page – Department of Defense form)


Robert J. Corry, Jr.
Attorney at Law
600 Seventeenth Street
Suite 2800 South Tower
Denver, Colorado 80202
telephone 303-634-2244
website www.RobCorry.com
email Robert.Corry@comcast.net


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