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Stop TV "News" Attacks on Cannabis Patients

When vflog.com organized a protest of KCNC/CBS4 Denver for their attacks on medical marijuana patients on January 30, 2008, Kathleen was denied access to the reception area immediately. The CBS4 Doorman (who knew her by name when we got there) said that she can't come in and no one in the news department will talk to her.

Later, wheelchair bound, legal medicinal cannabis patient Jack Chavez tries to get an appointment with Rick Sallinger. Jack took the bus all the way to CBS4 headquarters to protest and try to talk to Rick Sallinger, the CBS4 "investigative reporter" who is attacking sick patients. Last year Ken Gorman, long-time activist and friend of Jack's, was found brutally murdered in his home, less than a week after Rick Sllinger's first "investigation" of medical marijuana.

Jack, gets denied access to CBS4, just as Kathleen had. The video includes Jack butting at the door with his wheelchair. Way to go, Jack!

Press the play button to watch the video

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PHOTO: Jack Chavez: Jan. 30, 2008, CBS4 Denver headquarters.

PHOTO: Medicinal Cannabis Patients and Supporters: Jan. 30, 2008 , CBS4 Denver headquarters.


CBS4-Denver has been attacking medicinal marijuana patients and their caregivers in Colorado. The last person to be the focus of a CBS4 medicinal cannabis "investigation" (Ken Gorman) ended up murdered less than a week after the story aired. Now they are trying it again by attacking a disabled veteran. These attacks have to stop.

On Jan. 31, CBS4 aired an "investigation" of Kevin Dickes, former Marine and disabled Gulf War veteran. Dickes was prescribed cannabis for a war injury and has a valid Medical Marijuana Registry identification card issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. In 2000, Colorado voters approved an amendment to the state constitution that allows patients to legally use cannabis as medicine with their physician's approval.

Dickes was arrested in Aurora in March 2007. He was charged with felony cultivation and faced 6 years in prison. Because he was a registered patient, all charges against Dickes were eventually dropped. Colorado law says that police shall return the cannabis "unharmed", so Aurora police were forced to return his medicine to him.

The CBS4 "investigation" scheduled to air this Thursday allegedly shows a former Marine who served with Dickes in the Gulf War who says Dickes' injury was not caused in the Gulf War. The fact that Dickes was injured is not in question. In the promotion for the CBS4 story, it clearly shows the 36-inch scar on Dicke's leg. Apparently, all that is in question is the cause of that injury. Dickes has provided medical records to CBS4 proving he was injured in the Marines, but CBS4 is still airing the story. Read the letter from Dickes' attorney, Robert Corry.

This is a blatant attack on a law-abiding citizen for using a plant he grew himself to ease his pain. The cause of his injury is none of CBS4's business! This is an invasion of medical privacy. This sensational story is designed only to boost ratings at the expense of a disabled veteran. Kevin Dickes has already suffered with his arrest, prosecution and destruction of his medicine. This "investigation" serves no purpose other than to attack Dickes' and make him suffer more for his use of a legal medicine. All citizens should be outraged!

In Feb. 2007, CBS4's Rick Sallinger aired a story about medical marijuana caregiver, Ken Gorman. Less than a week later, that caregiver was found brutally murdered in his home. Denver police have made no arrests and have no suspects in the case.
See the story that aired one week before Ken was murdered:
See the story about Ken's death:

"I don't want to end up dead in my own home like Ken Gorman because of Rick Sallinger," Dickes says.

What's next for Rick Sallinger? Will he start investigating all Gulf War veterans and their private medical histories? Is he going to continue to attack other medicinal cannabis patients just to boost his ratings? Why doesn't he do an investigation of Ken Gorman's murder and find out why the Denver Police refuse to investigate this case?

Protest these pathetic excuses for journalism!


Rick Sallinger

(303) 830-6464


Call CBS 4 and "Investigative" Reporter Rick Sallinger to protest this disgusting "investigation" where they harass disabled, decorated former Marine, Kevin Dickes. They chase him down and hide in the bushes outside of his house demanding his private medical records. Where's your medical records, Rick?

You can watch the "investigation" here:



Paula Woodward



Call KUSA/9News and "Investigative" Reporter Paula Woodward to protest their version of the "story". They complain that a video of Dickes posted on YouTube was "edited". Wow, imagine, a video was edited! Guess you'd better fire your whole editorial department at the station! Nobody ever edits video, do they?

You can watch their "investigation" here:


Watch these videos to see how easy it is to call!


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